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Our Brands

Tricky Trainers and Pet Botanics are made with high-quality, exceptionally palatable ingredients that keep dogs focused and motivated, making them the perfect treat additions to your training toolkit.

Professional Partnerships

We have established partnerships with professional dog training associations and schools to provide future benefits and rewards for dog trainers who are pursuing certifications

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What They Say About Our Treats

 I wanted something that wouldn’t add a ton of calories to my dogs’ diet, but that was enticing enough that they would comply with my obedience commands.

Dustin M.

Pet Parent

These are perfect to take on walks!! I’ll be walking them and they randomly turn around and look at me looking for a treat, which is great because they are in training and eye contact is what we’re looking for!

Christina D.

Pet Parent

The first half of the classes were getting him to a calm, listening state. These have helped that. They’re good enough (in his mind) to get his attention and pull him into the ‘we’re going to stop bouncing around and do things now’ mind set


Pet Parent

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